Cell for less within the EU

Just listening to a (welcome) announcement on the BBC that said roaming with your Euro-cell within the EU is set to be reduced by as much as 70%! Do you know what this means? At least telephonically, Europe is that much closer to being a Union. Bravissimi!

So, if you’re traveling with a French cell, an Italian cell, a Spanish cell, and so on, you’ll no longer suck the life out of your pre-paid SIM by calling your friend in that other country who’s coming to meet you tomorrow. Or, if you’re a writer living in Venice and traveling to France to check out travel information, you won’t pay as much to stay in touch back home by phone as for the entire round trip airline ticket (economical as myair.com is).

Oh, this is SUCH good news…even if we may have to wait till 2009 to have it completely implemented. For more info, here’s the Businessweek article that explains it all for you.

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