10 thoughts on “What bidets are really for.

  1. stacy

    That is TOO funny! I had to share it with my Italian husband and all my friends (most of which look at a bidet in horror)lol

    I look forward to checking back on your blog. Venice is my favorite city.

  2. anne dukes

    Hi Nan—long time no connection. I love this picture because I love both cats and bidets. They are two of the world’s most mysterious creations. I would love to hear from you personally. take care, anne

  3. nan

    Il gatto più famoso a Venezia! He’s a regular visitor, straying from his home across my entryway. Likes my tiny courtyard.

    More Spriss to come!

  4. Claudio

    Son così pigro che non apro neppure la porta del frigo.

    (and I’m so lazy I don’t even open the refrigerator.)


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