Beyond Venice: Bordeaux to Bourgogne

Plasir Bordeaux Bonjour!

Here’s a all-too-quickly assembled slideshow turned video from an all-too-quick trip across France, taking advantage of the excellent fares from Venice to Bordeaux, and Nancy back to Venice, with all the France I could manage in between. The goal (OK, the excuse) was testing out Paris resident and travel writer Alison Culliford’s content for the upcoming France: Instructions for Use (it was only a matter of time…and the right writer, of course).

Côtes de Beaune

It has been decades since I was in France for more than a CDG layover, how happy I am that it finds itself so close to my adopted home, with so many affordable ways to visit. I think it’s one of the few places I could consider going with “certain” Italian friends, where I’d feel confident they wouldn’t complain about the food. The bread. The wine. The cheese, ohmygoodness the cheese…

At any rate, I went photo-crazy as you’ll see. Perhaps you’ll recognize some of the images once they become illustrations for the upcoming French Instructions.

(My, what an inviting image – my first sojourn into YouTube. Being an editor myself, the video quality makes me crazy, but maybe it’s a pleasant enough seven minutes if you have nothing better to do.The music is Sympathique from Pink Martini, Lonesome Road from the Nat King Cole Trio Recordings Vol 4, and Djangology from Stephan Grappelli and Django Rienhardt from Hot Club de France. I purchased it all. 😉 )

3 thoughts on “Beyond Venice: Bordeaux to Bourgogne

  1. Jeni

    What a wonderful video you put together. Brava! Inviting, mouth-watering, lovely, dreamy and terrific choices of music. Your images can make even the staunchest Italophile want to go to France.

  2. Lorenzo

    It would have been a real pleasure to welcome you in Bordeaux. I see that you’ve catched the essential of Bordeaux’s spirit ! MyAir is (sometimes) ok for the rates not always for the convenience. Anyway i am so pleased when people from Venice come to Bordeaux ! Please let me trackback of this post on my TramezziniMag !

  3. nan

    How lovely, thank you. My time in Bordeaux was all too short, I so enjoyed the lack of traffic and the vin superbe. 😉 I can’t imagine I will not be back.


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