Waiting for summer: Venetian Sgroppino Recipe

A sgroppino is the famous Venetian after-dinner (of fish, traditinoally) disgestivo, although Giovanni says (a phrase which could frankly be the title of its very own blog) it’s too strong and tart, wipes out the delicate fish flavors, and in no way contributes to successful digestion.

I enjoy a sgroppino in the summer, which is about the only thing that can keep you cool around here when AC is scarce. I would think it would be a great addition to a beach party or relaxing on any given veranda, so just in case you might be looking for a recipe to try on your own. So while we’re waiting patiently for a change of seasons…

  • 2 c lemon sorbet, softened
  • 1 oz vodka (lemon vodka, if you want)
  • 2.5 oz prosecco

Have some sorbet in reserve if it starts to get watery. I would use a hand mixer as opposed to a blender, which will instead pulverize it and make it too watery.


7 thoughts on “Waiting for summer: Venetian Sgroppino Recipe

  1. Amanda

    Nan, I have to admit that I lurked obsessively through your blog before I went to Venice last month and I was worried that you were never going to post again! So, hello finally, and thank you so much for providing insights that helped very much while I was there. My boyfriend and I are hopefully going to be spending a few months each year (in Florence, with very frequent trips to Venice!!) starting next year. You have given me much to think about! (and I will be trying this drink as soon as it stops raining here in L.A.!!)

  2. nan

    I have so much I-d like to post, and so little time. It drives me crazy. If only I could write well, faster. At any rate, I do have so things coming up (she said with determination).

    A sgroppino is tasty even when it rains, by the way. 😉 Please let us know how it turns out.

  3. Amanda

    Wow, Nan, this was awesome. I made spaghetti vongole (I was inspired by Osteria Alla Botte near the Rialto bridge, which was possibly the best food I have ever had) and we had these after dinner… thank you so much for this recipe! Although, now I am afraid I am addicted. 😉

    1. Debbie

      I too believe Alla Botte is an outstanding restaurant
      I can’t stop thinking about the spaghetti vongole!
      How did your recipe compare?
      If you were pleased would you mind sharing?

  4. Darrin

    Just returned from a 2 week sojourn in Venice, Italy & Budapest, Hungary. Unfortunately, Osteria Alla Botte was closed when we went to try it. It seemed to be shut down. Our guide book had it listed as a top 10 for wine bars (osterias). I was disappointed that I didn’t get to try the fried artichokes.

  5. nan

    Many places close in January after the flurry of the holidays, either for maintenance or for a little R&R; it’s almost the same in August.

    For artichokes and castraure, you must come a bit later in the spring.

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