Al Mercà : New Rialto Mercato Vaporetto Stop

It’s still unenclosed, and is only operational around market hours, but they’ve finally ceduto and added a new fermata on the Grand Canal at the Rialto Market, appropriatly named Rialto Mercato.

Venetians ladies of a certain age always preferred meandering from the San Silvestro stop (stopping for a caffè and brioche along the way) to walking across the Rialto Bridge in order to shop the famous market. Now, the vaporetto will deliver them quasi quasi to their favorite frutariol.

Line 1 makes the stop, located halfway between the Rialto and Ca d’Oro on the opposite side of the Canal, below the market and the Santa Sofia traghetto. The pontile jutts out from the porticoes of the Tribunale, halfway between Campo Pescaria and the Erbaria. Line 1 times for other stops are adjusted up and down the Canal when the Mercato stop is operational – I can’t imagine how this is going to be compensated for on the timetables themselves. I do wish they’d leave it running after the market closes, though; it would come in handy more than a few times a week.

I won’t hold my breath. Took us long enough to get the fermata itself…

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