Blue(r) skies.

After following endless polls and campaign trails for the last few months, I tracked the election results via the NPR site and stream last night and this morning. As it stands, Democrats have at least 22 governorships, 9 state governments (controlling all three branches), 28-and-counting seats in the house for an easy majority, and are holding for Virginia and Montana results to see whether they’ll take the senate as well. Nancy Pelosi is looking at the House Speakership, the first woman ever in that post.

I thought this day might come eventually, I just didn’t know what it was going to take.

Here’s to the possibility for change, and that wisdom somehow becomes a value inside the beltway (no matter what the party affiliation). I suppose it will be up to us to remind them as well…Che pazienza che ci vuole.

(What has this to do with Venice? The answer would be an entire essay in itself, I’m afraid…)

1 thought on “Blue(r) skies.

  1. Jacqueline

    The election results give renewed hope after many years of despair. It is also heartening that so many people can make good-sense judgments.
    In January 2007, we hope our legislature can get down to the severe social problems that plague this country. Here’s hoping the rhetoric will be turned down.
    Tomorrow my husband and I leave for a month in Venice (Giudecca). Our anticipation is augmented by the jubilance we feel following the results of the US mid-terms.
    I look forward to your blog entries. It is a great site and temporarily the only one: Norman seems to have fallen off the edge of the planet.
    Is your photo anywhere on your site? It would be fun to try spotting you.
    Ciao, Jacqueline (Washington DC)


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