Up to the minute with TrenItalia’s ViaggiaTreno


Worth learning a bit of travel-Italian for. TrenItalia has just introduced ViaggiaTreno.it and its mobile counterpart ViaggiaTrenoMobile.it, two sites that allow you to see train traffic progress in real time. Una meraviglia.

ViaggiaTreno displays an train-map of the entire country, useful by itself for visualizing how and where trains run. Color-coordinated highlights indicate train delays (in ritardo) by 15, 30, and 60 minutes, with arrows signifying the direction in which they occur. You can filter the trains according to type: Eurostar, Intercity, Regionale, etc, and click on an individual route for more detail. Clicking the TrenOnline tab provides status of any train en-route by typing its number in the field provided. (The train number will be on your ticket, your Ticketless voucher, or find it by searching the TrenItalia schedules and clicking on the Details tab to the left of the specific listing.)

ViaggiaTrenoMobile is designed for web access from your cell, smart phone, or Palm. Enter the specific train number to display is current status. I just found a friend’s train due to arrive at 3.32 from Rome would be 15 minutes late.

Take some time to explore the site to see what other information you might find. Greatest invention since Ticketless!

p.s. Need translation help? Try Wordreference.

One thought on “Up to the minute with TrenItalia’s ViaggiaTreno

  1. Maureen in Trieste

    Thanks for this! My husband was stuck between Padova and Mestre on the train and now I see why, because of this link.

    I wish they gave more info like when the trains will start going again. 😉



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