It’s ba-ack: Shuttle Service, Venice Marco Polo Airport

Venice Airpot Shuttle NOTE: This services has disappeared again. The walk from the terminal (exit and turn left) to the harbor is well-marked, almost completely covered, and will take about seven minutes. Otherwise, there is private transfer available.

I was just at the Venice Marco Polo airport, and am delighted to report the return of the shuttle service (although no longer free) from the airport terminal to the docks. (The dock area is itself in the process of being revitalized and is looking very snappy, with new wooden decks, a bar, and more.) The new shuttle service consists a comfy, climatized motor coach, with space underneath to toss your luggage before boarding. It departs every ten minutes from terminal ground transportation for the two-minute ride to the docks, and vice-versa. The fare is 1 euro per person, payable as you board.

5 thoughts on “It’s ba-ack: Shuttle Service, Venice Marco Polo Airport

  1. Bailey

    Nan…Thanks for the shuttle info. I was wondering if the service would ever be restored!! Great news!

    Any more news about your apartment…are you still looking for a place to relocate?

    Purchased a copy of your book…a great read!!

  2. nan

    I assumed somebody’d get back in there eventually…I believe it’s a private service this time, I’ll have to ask.

    Still looking for the apt. If I was looking for a year or less, I’d have no problem. I simply can’t face the thought of moving yearly for the rest of my Venetian life, but then I can’t be out on the street.

    Hope the book serves you well, do let me know. Your photos are extraordinary by the way. Do you sell them?

  3. Bailey

    Nan…..Yes…what a pain!
    Moving once is a pain, moving several times over the years…a nightmare!! I have a small network of Venetian friends….I’ll ask if anyone has anything available.

    Yes…have enjoyed your book…I’ve also sent a copy to my sister!

    Nan thanks for the kind words regarding my work.
    Yes… I do sell my photos….just let me know which images you are interested in….very reasonable deal. A precesco in November?!!

    Your website/blog is terrific…I know I’ve mentioned that before….but it is soooo true. Not only are the photos great….your writing is fun & professional & informative. It also gives us armchair Venetians a chance to dream!!

  4. marisa

    The shuttle is good but after sitting for 8 1/2 hours, I don’t mind the walk to the docks if I’m not weighted down with luggage. Did they demolish the old terminal–I remember the old days of arriving in Venice (and it wasn’t that long ago). I know it had pasted it’s day but I miss getting off the plane, getting my luggage and out the door was the docks.

  5. nan

    It’s still an easy 5-7 min walk, partially covered, from the terminal. The shuttle is handy, though, if it’s raining, or very cold, or very hot (it’s 93 today), etc.

    The old terminal is not demolished, but is no longer used as a passenger terminal at all (that’s where the bar is now, actually).

    Nothing stays the same…


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