Signori, Signore, vi presento Isotta.

I got to know Isotta when I first moved to Venice and would visit her mom, Eleonora, who has a B&B near where I was living (we also traded English for cooking lessons for a time). We hadn’t been able to get together nearly as often once I moved to Cannaregio, but when I did finally get by recently, Isotta (not the shy type) came out to say hello. Eleonora and I sat down with a caffè¨ and began catching up, but Isotta disappeared…shortly before emerging in this stunning outfit, obviously a favorite of hers. Couldn’t resist recording it for posterity, so the rest of you wouldn’t have to miss out.

If you’re interested in getting to know this young lady, and it suits you to lodge in San Marco just behind the Teatro la Fenice, feel free to consider Eleonora Agostini’s Bed and Breakfast al Teatro. (Isotta’s blue plastic pumps do make a bit of a clicking sound as she scoots about the terrazzo flooring…but in the end it just adds to her charm. This, and the fact that all the rooms overlook the Fenice canal, makes a stay there very special in my opinion.)

Otherwise, feel free to keep Isotta’s photo handy should you need an effective pick-me-up during your day.

2 thoughts on “Signori, Signore, vi presento Isotta.

  1. Tanna

    Really like your site!!
    Got here from Ivonne’s Cream Puff site.
    Love the pictures, and Italy.


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