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Img 0707 If you’re around town and up for a little local culture, there are two brief concerts Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, at 9p, June 6th and 7th at the ornate 17th c. Palazzo Zenobio (Dorsoduro 2596, Collegio Armeno, near Campo dei Carmini along the Fondamenta Soccorso). Tickets are €5, and you can either pay at the door, or reserve by calling +39 347 421 5867 (in italian). All singers are local, students of Sara Bardino, while and David Sibilla directs and accompanies on the pianoforte.

The Tuesday concert is the Pergolesi Stabat Mater, while Wednesday is All Rossini, including some well-known pieces, the Carità, three delightful arias from La Regata Veneziana, in Venetian dialect…

Non ghe xè mal!

3 thoughts on “Concert suggestions

  1. Roz from London

    ah, shame – andiamo a Venezia venerdi, ma solo per due giorni. And we would have liked to listen to songs in Venetian dialect.

    I love reading your blog, by the way 🙂

  2. nan

    My biggest tips for visiting Venice:

    . Don’t come on a weekend, especially in season.
    . Stay for a minimum of three days.
    . Don’t stay in San Marco.

    I just saw that you are in London…I take it all back, as you can come as often as you please!

    Me fa piacere that you like the blog, e spero che vi divertiate durante la vostro soggiorno, nonostante quanto breve…

  3. Roz from London

    Oddly, it’s quicker to get to Venice on a Friday night than it is to drive 200 miles up the M1 to Manchester. Also cheaper. And style? No contest!


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