Snowing Venice…

…tiny, tiny flakes, that seemed at first like light sleet; but now…it’s snow alright. All the guys passing down below in their motorboats and topo are bundled up pretty well, and some craft sport ingenious modifications to ameliorate the effects of the weather; but overall, nobody seems too perturbed. Doesn’t get you ver far here anyway, perturbation. Leave it for the acqua ondosa in the wake of the motor…

We’ll see if the snow is all for show, or actually hangs around…

Update, Wed, Jan 18.

The snow’s still here! Just a few centimeters, of course; but this morning, in a city where ci conosciamo dai nostri passi (we know each other by our footsteps), the sounds of a white-roofed Venice will be even more muffled.

I hope I still think it’s lovely later on, as I’ll be spending a good part of the day in giro, padding around in the cold…

6 thoughts on “Snowing Venice…

  1. RaleighRob

    Sounds beautiful. I wonder if it hammpered the Olympic torch run there. Did you happen to see any of that??

  2. Menotti Passarella

    Hi from S of Venice. I suggest to visit my blog: there is a Gull coming from the other side of the pond that return each winter in Riva degli Schiavoni and San Marco square to eat food offered by the people to the pigeons. It is a Ring-billed Gull, the only american gull in Italy presently ! Photo of the American gull with the Redentore church at its back !

  3. nan

    You’re not going to believe this, but except for when the Pope died, but I haven’t turned on a television since I moved here. I think they’d welcome snow in Torino, though, even for the torch run.

  4. nan

    That’s great! I missed all of it; I’m stuck indoors on a deadline. Hope to free up a little soon so I can get out and catch up on what’s going on!


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