Dial + for confident international cell phone dialing.

To always reach the person you’re calling, no matter what type of cell you’re using, who you’re calling. in what country or from what country, always dial or program your cell phone number with the plus “+” sign first, followed by the country code and complete phone number:

+ country_code phone_nbr

(To enter the plus sign on a Nokia, for example, press the asterisk twice; on Samsung, press and hold the 0, etc. Check the directions for your cell, or ask you provider.)

This will free you of having to remember “011” or “00” or “001”, etc.. The Cell Knows. So;

+1 404 578 2234

will reach that US number from any country, including the US, and

+39 041 523 1225

will reach that person in Venice from within Italy, or anywhere else.

Everything’s easy if you know how.

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  1. iCollegeInfo

    Great article-would like to publish in my free newsletter for seniors but was wondering if the information applies to Washington residents as well?


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