A thousand years of history
in every stroke.

The Voga alla veneta is a style of rowing made famous by the gondolier, but which has propelled Venice through the centuries since its inception. It's still around, and the city is full of its most devoted practitioners. Here's a bit of behind the scenes of the Venetian voga...

Behind the scenes at the Storica: Her husband’s a gondolier, can you tell?

Her husband's a gondolier...

For the second time in history, an all-woman crew rowed the lead galeon Serenissima in the 2010 Regata Storica. This passionate rower’s calf proclaims her devotion to her sport…and her husband’s historic trade.

Most people know the Storica. THIS is the Regata (do stay for the whole show).


Vela al Terzo: centuries of sailing the Venetian lagoon


Unless you’re an avid sailing enthusiast, you’ve probably never noticed that the colorful canvases tilting into the summer wind as they criss-cross the Venetian lagoon aren’t shaped like sails you’d see elsewhere (…what a surprise). Look closely – they’re not triangular, not trapezoidal, and not rhombus shaped, but a odd quadrilateral with four unequal sides…

Toso Fei tells Canal’s Secrets on a summer’s eve


I am a member (well, president, actually, although there are five of us that function as sort a cumulative president, I would say) of VIVA (Voga per l’Identità Veneta), an association that promotes the voga alla veneta, the Venetian rowing style (standing up, facing forward) indigenous to Venice and the lagoon. It’s becoming increasing difficult…