In the end, what else is there?

Anyone who says you can't find great fare at a reasonable price here just doesn't know Venice. That doesn't mean, however, that you can't pay way to much for bad food, too. With any luck, this section will give you some news you can use in the eating arena.

Alajmo Art & “Fluid Light” Revive Ristorante Quadri

The news has got around by now the the Alajmo brothers of Le Calandre fame have taken the one-and-only Ristorante Quadri under their wing — and as is their habit, are aiming for the sky.

Eating Venice: Tiny Yellow Tuna Fins

Tail propulsion in the form of tiny, sturdy, radiant yellow fins. Or, yet another reason why I’ve (almost) sworn off tuna.

The white côtes of Burgundy: what Chardonnay was meant to be

When someone says “Burgundy,” you immediately think of “big red,” and elegant, aged pinot noir; eno-contributor Fabrizio Gallino discovers another, less familiar Burgundy, and lets us know what he found…

Who sat on my peaches?

These white tabacchiere (named for their snuffbox shape) or saturnine peaches begin to show up mid-to-late July. They come from the Etna zone of Sicily and are some of the sweetest around; due to their soft pulp they also make an excellent puree to mix up for the famous Bellini Cocktail.