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Mi stago ben…

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Sirens announce “code red” high tide.

Tricks only this Halloween in Venice. The 140 cm tide is acqua molto alta—very high—and the 35kph winds and accompanying rains keep treaters and everyone else holed up this All Saints’ Eve.

Grandi Navi: Two Demonstrations say “Open Season”

There’s lots of activity around the opening of “cruise season” in Venice, and citizens are mobilizing to continue to protest their presence. It’s a rainy weekend in the forecast, so it’s hard to say what the participation might be. In the meantime, here’s a rough translation from their Facebook page:

The cruise season resumes in full force the weekend of April 14 and 15: as many as 9 (nine!) ships will arrive and depart this Saturday and Sunday…

Klimt (and Hoffman) Conquer the Correr

The time is la Belle Èpoche, the place is Vienna. Women are still corseted, but Freud is probing their psyche; Gustav Klimt and Josef Hoffman ‘secede’ in igniting a new world of Viennese art and architecture.

The excitement at press conference was palpable, even in an off-Art Biennale year. And such a crowd: perhaps two hundred journalists and photographers, gathered in one of the most splendid ballrooms in the city. Not to dance, at least not literally…

Emma and Effie (and Claudia!), Movie Making Most Venetian.

Emma Thompson on the set of "Effie" in Venice

Last December, Emma Thompson arrived in Venice for “Effie,” along with Dakota Fanning, Claudia Cardinale, husband and co-screenplay writer Greg Wise, and an opportunity to make believe that in Venice, it’s 1850 once again.