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What is a calle, anyway?

When does a visit become an assault?

33,000 cruise tourists disembark in the lagoon city from seven super-size cruise ships and two ferries. There’s no pause in this Venetian August, as thousands of vacationers head for the People Mover tram, then to Piazzale Roma, already overrun with arrivals from the Liberty Bridge.

Out, out, big ships.

The facebook page has existed since before they sent the letter. But in a press release of July 11, a large group of Venice citizens and sympathizers from all over the world concerned about the effect the Big Ships have on their town make their case — again. Don’t stop, whatever you do — vi prego.

Inside the Intricacies of Burano Lace

After extensive restoration, restructuring, and modernization of the entire building and rearrangement of its precious collections, the Burano Lace Museum has reopened to the public.

When is a typewriter store a work of art?

After years of closure and a 12-month restoration, the magnificent Carlo Scarpa creation for Olivetti office machines has once again been returned to its rightful place on the Piazza. Enjoy the first article by a new contributor, Gioia Tiozzo.

Rialto Fish Market non se ne va (not going anywhere)

It’s as official as it gets around here. According to the press release, neither the wholesale fish market at Tronchetto nor the Rialto Fish Market are in any danger of disappearing anytime soon.

Speriamo bene…