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The Surprising Vision of Henri Rousseau

Rousseau the Douanier, Doge's Palace til July 5, 2015

Nicknamed the Douanier (the customs agent), Rousseau was actually a self-taught former toll collector, alternately admired, teased and beloved as he pursued establishing his art. The exhibit is steps lightly, much as Rousseau did; there are also comparative works by renowned friends and contemporaries like Cezanne, Picasso, Seraut and Delauney. At the Doge’s apartment in the…

Klimt (and Hoffman) Conquer the Correr

The time is la Belle Èpoche, the place is Vienna. Women are still corseted, but Freud is probing their psyche; Gustav Klimt and Josef Hoffman ‘secede’ in igniting a new world of Viennese art and architecture.

The excitement at press conference was palpable, even in an off-Art Biennale year. And such a crowd: perhaps two hundred journalists and photographers, gathered in one of the most splendid ballrooms in the city. Not to dance, at least not literally…

Biennale Time — still.

With 89 participating nations, 37 collateral venues, the Venice 54th Biennale International Art Exhibition is diverse, expansive…
and still around til November 27.

Though 54th edition of the Venice Art Biennale is winding down, there may be no better time of year for the off-season traveler to take it all in.

Biennale Bites – recap, Day 3

The last preview day was Friday, and the air was considerably more relaxed. Took in more both at the Giardini and in the Arsenale…and managed to catch Best Artist Golden Lion winner Christian Marclay’s “The Clock.” Basta for now, although there is still much more to see…

Biennale Bites: recap, Day 2

Just enough time to post these before diving in again today. This Biennale, even for one not steeped in the world of contemporary art, is nothing short of spectacular.