Articles: Sightseeing Venice

Inside the Intricacies of Burano Lace

After extensive restoration, restructuring, and modernization of the entire building and rearrangement of its precious collections, the Burano Lace Museum has reopened to the public.

Biennale Bites – recap, Day 3

The last preview day was Friday, and the air was considerably more relaxed. Took in more both at the Giardini and in the Arsenale…and managed to catch Best Artist Golden Lion winner Christian Marclay’s “The Clock.” Basta for now, although there is still much more to see…

Biennale Bites: recap, Day 2

Just enough time to post these before diving in again today. This Biennale, even for one not steeped in the world of contemporary art, is nothing short of spectacular.

Biennale Bites – Preview Day 1

Between the ground that must be covered to get your press pass and all the actual square kilometers of the Giardini gardens, the expansive Arsenale space, and endless exhibitions that take place there — a day is barely enough to get started.

Biennale Bites

The ACTV vaporetto strike challenged journalists who arrived to attend a wave of inaugurations that washed over the city today, anticipating the official three-days of previews beginning tomorrow at the Giardini and Arsenale.