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Kids ride free on the ACTV

The Venice public transit company ACTV just announced that beginning September 1, kids under six years old can ride the vaporetto (water bus) and other public tranportation for free. This includes traveling kids, too. The significant discounts offered by with four days or more advance purchase notwithstanding, outfitting little ones with pricey passes always…

People Mover moves out (sort of).

The long-heralded People Mover was inaugurated on Monday, amidst considerable fanfare. Here, at last, was a convenient, comfortable tram that would connect Tronchetto, the Isle of Parking, with Piazzale Roma, the last stop for wheeled motor traffic before entering Venice proper. Until Monday, the means to get from one place to the other was limited…

New Eco-vaporetto makes fewer waves

Just in time for Easter, the ACTV announces the arrival of ten new eco-sustainable vaporetti (water buses). As you can see in the photo, they don’t look much different than the models they’ll be replacing; in fact, they’ll carry the same number of passengers. The improvements, according to the Ufficio Stampa (Venice press office) are…

Car or no car, consider the Ferryboat.

There’s another alternative for traveling between Lido and Venice that’s sometimes just the ticket, especially to avoid jam-packed boats at the end of an event or day at the beach.

Venice ACTV ticket machine for vaporetto tickets

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