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Take a Number: Venice Vaporetti regroup

The new numbering system for vaporetto lines could, should help newcomers find the landing they’re looking for more quickly. Speriamo bene.

Orsoni is firm: Santa Margherita Shuts Down with the Midnight Marangona

This sprawling campo with numerous late-night locales creates an ideal environment to meet and hang out. The only problem is that campo residents can’t get a lick of sleep. What’s a Mayor to do? Guest contributor and journalist Gioia Tiozzo reports.

Rialto Fish Market non se ne va (not going anywhere)

It’s as official as it gets around here. According to the press release, neither the wholesale fish market at Tronchetto nor the Rialto Fish Market are in any danger of disappearing anytime soon.

Speriamo bene…

The Closing of the Rialto Fish Market? Sign the petition to Just Say No.

Moving the wholesale market to Fusina would certainly make transport to the Rialto pescheria impractical and cost prohibitive. Could the inconceivable really happen? Sign the petition to register your opinion.

Automated Ticketing replaces booths at selected Vap stops

Automatic ticketing machines replace manned booths at a number of handy vaporetto stops, making ticket, pass purchase and pickup with a PNR even handier.