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Buongiorno, VeneziaUnica (addio, VeniceConnected)

VeneziaUnica is the new portal the offers advance purchase for all passes and services you’ll use while you’re visiting the city. The online portal was activated October 7, 2013, replacing and eventually expanding on other online venues like VeniceConnected, Venicecard, with more likely to shift there in the future. FOR TRAVELERS Just passing through? Use…

An Italian Train Ticket Online Purchase Alternative

For travelers who have problems with TrenItalia online ticket purchases, an optional booking system now available at Bootsnall Travel allows you to purchase Italian train tickets in dollars, using credit card of your choice.

Up to the minute with TrenItalia’s ViaggiaTreno

Worth learning a bit of travel-Italian for. TrenItalia has just introduced and its mobile counterpart, two sites that allow you to see train traffic progress in real time. Una meraviglia.

To tip or not to tip…

For whatever reason, understanding how and when to tip is one of the Top Ten concerns for Americans as they plan their trip. As I state in Italy: Instructions for Use, the guidelines are the same as for so many things Italian: dipende…it depends. [The contrast to us Americani is endearing: I’d wager that we…

Dial + for confident international cell phone dialing.

To always reach the person you’re calling, no matter what type of cell you’re using, who you’re calling. in what country or from what country, always dial or program your cell phone number with the plus “+” sign first, followed by the country code and complete phone number: + country_code phone_nbr