Articles: Imagining Venice

Saturday morning, off the bow…

A Saturday morning excursion, lessons in the indigenous Venetian sailing—the Vela al Terzo—all around.

Ice Soup, or, Venezia Gelata

Seagull on ice

The winter of 2012 has brought arctic temps and meters of snow throughout Italy and the rest of Europe;  weeks of sub-freezing temps here in Venice have turned the lagoon into a concoction resembling a frozen margherita without the tequila.

Eating Venice: Tiny Yellow Tuna Fins

Tail propulsion in the form of tiny, sturdy, radiant yellow fins. Or, yet another reason why I’ve (almost) sworn off tuna.

Ever wonder what’s atop the San Marco campanile?


A Snowy Night in the Neighborhood

This just-beyond-a-dusting of snow will likely be all gone by tomorrow, but in the meantime it makes for a pretty, silent night.