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The white côtes of Burgundy: what Chardonnay was meant to be

When someone says “Burgundy,” you immediately think of “big red,” and elegant, aged pinot noir; eno-contributor Fabrizio Gallino discovers another, less familiar Burgundy, and lets us know what he found…

Mountain Men and Mountain Wine

Fabrizio Gallino lives in the Piedmont, north of Torino near the Valle d’Aosta, in the land called Canavese. He a family man who works as an editor, and in multimedia and the web, but his passion is wine and food — Canavese, Italian, and otherwise. Fortunately for us, he also writes about it.

Think you know Nebbiolo? O mio babbino caro, think again.

Deepest red, oak-aged, intense, complex, stalwart. That’s the nebbiolo of Barolo and Piemonte fame, yes? Yes…and no.

Friuli with the Red Dress On

Friuli is famous for some spectacular whites. In fact, anytime anyone tells me they don’t really care for white wine, my immediate response is “Yes, you do,” as I hand them a Tocai or Ribolla or Chardonnay or Malvasia or a blend from Isonzo or Collio or the Colli Orientali. There is a pause, and…

Tenuta Sella Wines at the Bistrot de Venise

There is a free tasting today, but these rare wines will also be offered at a special price for the next two weeks as well. If you’re in town and are any sort of a wine enthusiast, it’s a definite Don’t Miss. Location and map link are below.