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Botteghe ai Promessi Sposi

Fine and festive. Young but not too; warm, intimate yet lively…and, the food is delicious. The revised and rejuvenated Promessi Sposi: try it, you’ll like it. Remember Spritz the cat? Well, this is Spritz’s owner’s place, my former vicino and across-the-hall, Tom Waits-loving neighbor, Claudio. He joined forces with Nicola and Cristiano just over a…

Casta Diva? No…castradina.

After a group from our remiera rowed three caorline and one sandolo to the Basilica della Salute last Friday morning, we gathered for lunch at the trattoria Palazzina, located at the foot fo the Guglie Bridge. The owner is a member of our rowing club, and had the idea to offer a traditional dish associated…

Market, Marcà. Mercato, Mercà. Va là!

Once you’ve spent any amount of time here, you’ll learn it’s best never to say that anything is assolutamente così, undeniably so. That’s because it’s probably only that way most, but not all of the time; or it’s changed since it was true (yesterday); or will have changed by the time someone experiences whatever it…

Baccalà Mantecato

When I first encountered baccalà mantecato decades ago, I refused it; I thought it had to have been made with mayonnaise, and I just didn’t find that appealing. There’s zero mayonaise in this superb spread, of course, and I’ve since become its biggest fan.