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Come onde, sulle onde: Experimental waves to wash over the bacino

On Friday, June 24, radio waves will be transmitted from the top of the San Giorgio bell tower across the bacino to the Palazzo Ducale. We’re all invited to see in just what audio and visual forms they arrive… welcomes you to Veniceland.

The turnout wasn’t as thronging as they would have liked, but the folks at definitely made their point — as they always do. They take no prisioners but soften the blow with an unmistakeable sense of irony, and just plain fun.

A little summer night music

Archivio Fano and La Municipalità di Lido present: The 3rd edition of LidoMusicAgosto Four concerts ofcelebrations, recurrences, and memories, historic and artistic at the Chiostro di San Nicolò at Venice Lido August 21, 23, 27 e 30 at 8:30 p.m. This is the third edition of these four marvelous concerts; if you’re in town and looking…

Venice Redentore 2010: a one-night, in-town getaway

The Comune estimated that there were over 110,000 visitors a Venezia for the Festa della Rendentore, most of them no doubt expecting to swelter in the oppressive heat that’s turned the city into sauna in recent weeks. A temporale, or intense storm, was predicted for about 11 p.m., just a half-hour before the half-hour long fireworks…

Floating Carnevale

Judging by the crowds that lined bridges as well as the number of participating boats and rowers, the Corteo Carnevale isbecoming almost as popular as the Vogalonga. This costumed procession is held on the first weekend of the two-week long Carnevale, open to anyone and everyone that knows how to row Venetian-style and can get…