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The Triumphant Return of the Trionfo

Il Nuovo Trionfo - Trabaccolo a Venezia

Waterborne once again after much needed maintenance carried out at the shipyard Cantiere Casaril Sant’Alvise (the last one of its kind left in town for repair of vessels of this type). The Nuovo Trionfo will be present at the Arsenale from April 24 – 26 on Open Arsenale 2015. Everyone is invited to come aboard to inspect the work…

Festival Galuppi stops in at the Scuola San Rocco

How often do you get to hear Baroque and Gospel selections in one concert…in Italy, in an ambience as brilliant and rich as the music itself? The Festival Galuppi celebrates music of the era in the places frequented by the composer. This year features teh Joy Singers performing ‘Consonanza’ with selections of Galuppi, Monteverdi, Handel, an…

Free Christmas Concert at Teatro Malibran, Sunday, Dec 18

Free holiday concert features Berlin Philharmonic first violinist Laurentius Dinca and the Accademia Musicale di San Giorgio, Fondazione Cini Orchestra.

Biennale Time — still.

With 89 participating nations, 37 collateral venues, the Venice 54th Biennale International Art Exhibition is diverse, expansive…
and still around til November 27.

Though 54th edition of the Venice Art Biennale is winding down, there may be no better time of year for the off-season traveler to take it all in.

A Rower’s Redentore

It’s a whole different Redentore at water level, in the area designated for row boats only, just in front of the exclusive (and expensive) private party at the Punta della Dogana.