Articles: Beyond Venice

Even the most devoted Venezia-philes among us get out of town occasionally…

The white côtes of Burgundy: what Chardonnay was meant to be

When someone says “Burgundy,” you immediately think of “big red,” and elegant, aged pinot noir; eno-contributor Fabrizio Gallino discovers another, less familiar Burgundy, and lets us know what he found…

Who sat on my peaches?

These white tabacchiere (named for their snuffbox shape) or saturnine peaches begin to show up mid-to-late July. They come from the Etna zone of Sicily and are some of the sweetest around; due to their soft pulp they also make an excellent puree to mix up for the famous Bellini Cocktail.

An Italian Train Ticket Online Purchase Alternative

For travelers who have problems with TrenItalia online ticket purchases, an optional booking system now available at Bootsnall Travel allows you to purchase Italian train tickets in dollars, using credit card of your choice.

Se non ora, quando? Thousands of women (and men) tell Berlusconi, leave NOW.

On Sunday morning, “Se non ora, quando?” (If not now, when?) brought women and men disgusted with Prime Minister Berlusconi’s behavior into piazze by the thousands (nine of which were in Campo Santa Margherita).

A Free, Christmas E-book from Dream of Italy

Just in time for the holidays, Kathy McCabe at Dream of Italy has put together Christmas in Italy: Traditions, Travel Tips and Recipes, an e-book free for the downloading. Says Kathy, “This 35-page guide… includes all of our back content on spending the holidays in Italy as well as plenty of new articles on how…